Unity National School UK (UNSUK)

What it is: An umbrella of Unity Worldwide Ministries, Association of Unity Churches International, USA

Purpose of the School: To provide training to Unity students and interested individuals who live in the United Kingdom. UNSUK may assist Unity ministries, groups and centres in other countries where there is no National School. Currently , UNSUK in addition to training local students is also involved in ministerial training in Trinidad and Tobago.


Following the same curriculum as Unity Institute in Unity Village, Missouri, USA, UNSUK manages and conducts:

A) Spiritual Education and Enrichment Programme (SEE): The focus is personal development and teaching comprise metaphysics, bible interpretation, prayer, history of new thought and at least three elective associated topics. At the end of the programme, the student gains a certificate in Personal Development.

B) Leadership Programme leading to Licensed Unity Teachers: Having completed the Spiritual and Personal Development Cycle, there is a choice from four focus areas, which include adult education, pastoral/ prayer ministry, youth/ family ministry, administration.

C) International Ministerial Programme (IMP): Designed to provide a method of self study and training for Licensed Unity Teachers to earn accreditation as Licensed and Ordained Unity Ministers. With some modification and adjustment can be accessed by Ministers, Pastors or Priests from other denominations, who are interested in becoming Unity Ministers.

D) Post Graduate Credits for Licensed Teachers and Ministers: Attend and participate in intensive courses and Unity Seminars held at public places and Unity Centres.

General Guidelines UNSUK

Administered by a Director and Education Council located at the at Head Quarters , 22 to 23 Herschell Road, Forest Hill, London SE 23 1EG. Roles as follows;

  • The Director; Direct responsibility for IMP and leadership processes; keep oversight of council’s tasks.
  • Education Council member 2: Take responsibility registration of and liaison with overseas Unity Students.
  • Education Council member 3; Designated Policy Officer to coordinate current and changing policy and procedure to keep the school abreast , updated and promote accurate application of these to practice.
  • Education Council member 4: Service local students by guiding them to course take up and ensuring the school records credits as at course completion and yearly submission to Worldwide Ministries.

Underpinning principles

All Unity Centres recognised by the Association of Unity Leaders and Ministers may teach and offer classes for credits.

Classes for credits are only facilitated by ministers or licensed teachers who have Unity updated post graduate credits.

All students must be registered in the national school and adhere to the cost of registration established by the school .

The Director is the official custodian of the students’ records and the school’s documents and general administration of the school is shared with the Education Council.

Unity Worldwide Ministries is the credentialing authority for all licensing and ordination of Unity Ministers and the UNSUK Director must ensure all students records registered in the UNSUK are sent to that body.

Local Dimension of operation

Maintaining the essential connection between UNSUK and Worldwide Ministries requires intense communication as regards training, guidance, administration of programmes, mapping out curriculum, strategy, policy and procedure.

UNSUK is assigned a main contact person from Unity Worldwide Ministries to develop and maintain a relationship which is open with a willingness to have a two way learning process.

It is recognised that there are differences in culture, background history and by laws which can and do impinge on structure and function.

Taking such diversity into consideration often calls for creativity and flexibility while maintaining teaching standards.